Being alone is easy?

I know most of you would say “No”. Life is all about making friends and enjoying every moment of it. But those who live alone can’t be happy? All that happiness comes only from friends? hanging out and going places may entertain some but there is a bunch of people who doesn’t like it.

Let me ask  the same question in a different way:

Don’t you all want a peaceful mind?” there are always some exceptions. All that daily life hustle and bustle makes you tired and you seek peace. It becomes easy when you are alone.

So being alone is easy? Is it a good choice? Yes it’s easy if you don’t care about other’s life. Many find it difficult  simply because they can’t separate themselves from others. More often thinking either about past or future makes being alone difficult.

Main principle of being alone is becoming  independent and taking responsibility for your actions whether they are good or bad. Mind opens up and starts working in a lucid way. Emotions can play sometimes with you but if you have a strong hold nothing is impossible. Being alone gives you the opportunity in understanding yourself. Time ticks slowly and you have lots of time for more productive things.

Most of the time loners think that their life sucks but they aren’t aware of full potential of their lives. We can do a lot more than wasting time in momentary relationships and painful heartbreaks.


Silence is our friend it will be here forever unlike other things that come and go. Immortal Silence is not as dreadful as it sounds, it contains a deeper meaning in itself.

Life becomes a lot easier when there are people backing you and your actions. But who wants an easy life? If you are courageous enough then join the gang of loners.